IMSC Lecture Notes Series

A Second Course in Analysis
M. Ram Murty

op-coverThis book represents material suitable for a two semester graduate course in analysis. Based on courses given by the author since 2007, it is targeted towards graduate students preparing for a research career in mathematics. After reviewing what a typical student would have learned in single variable and multivariable calculus courses, the first chapter presents familiar material from a mature mathematical perspective. The second chapter surveys measure theory and highlights the essential theorems that have now become ubiquitous in mathematics. The third chapter on Fourier transforms derives the inversion theorem and gives diverse applications ranging from probability theory to mathematical physics. The fourth chapter reviews complex analysis giving a synthetic, rigorous development of the calculus of residues and its applications to a wide array of problems. The final chapter is an introduction to algebraic topology and is included to show the symbiosis between algebra and analysis.

Table of Contents

IMSC Lecture Notes Series/4
2020; 350 pp; Softcover, 9789386279842, Rs.700.00